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What Is Reaching People?

David Charalambous is the founder of Reaching People. His background involves 25 years of consulting to multinational clients and one-on-one with individuals from all walks of life. These include mums and dads to athletes, high performers and business leaders.

David's expertise includes Behavioural Science, NLP, EFT, General Semantics, System Theory, Process Mapping, Dynamics and Communication. He has built a unique communication model, bringing together models from numerous fields to form unique and simple to explain systems.

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"We can significantly improve our communication by understanding some basic concepts. We really can find a way to challenge ideas when we know how. "

David Charalambous

The Three Pillars

The Project is for those wishing to reach others and have honest and open dialogue.

In particular within communication between those with differing views.

The project has three pillars:

  1. How to have successful conversations
  2. How to effectively message
  3. How we are influenced
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Open And Honest Conversations

Open and honest conversations are crucial for building trust, understanding, and connection. However, simply blurting out the truth without regard for the other person's feelings or context can be harmful and shut down communication. Here are some additional aspects to consider:

Honesty with kindness: Express your truth from a place of respect and empathy, focusing on how the issue impacts you rather than attacking the other person's character.

Active listening: Truly hear the other person's perspective without interrupting or dismissing their feelings. Seek to understand their point of view, even if you disagree.

Focus on shared goals: When discussing sensitive topics, remember the underlying interests and values you both share. This can help guide the conversation towards solutions rather than getting stuck in blame or defensiveness.

Transparency without judgment: Share your thoughts and feelings openly, but avoid judging the other person's motivations or experiences.

Respect for differing perspectives: Understand that everyone has their own unique experiences and viewpoints. Acknowledge that differing opinions don't make someone bad or wrong.

Focus on progress over perfection: Open and honest conversations are rarely a one-time event. Be patient, willing to make compromises, and committed to ongoing communication and understanding.

Remember, the goal is not to win an argument but to build a deeper connection and understanding. By prioritizing honesty while recognizing the importance of kindness, respect, and active listening, you can create spaces for truly meaningful and productive conversations.

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