A-Z of Influence / Biases - Under Maintenance

Below you will find a collection of concepts, biases and affects which can be used to influence us. Having knowledge of these can help protect us. We can also call out when institutions are influencing us without our consent or knowledge. This will also allow us to see how we can be misled with information.

Two well known bodies of work on influence are 7 Laws of Influence by Robert Cialdini and Mindspace a government document on how to coerce the public to follow public policy. These works overlap in parts. Mindspace in pats combines influence factors to form one title.

Where they are easily idenitfiable via a principle, the are labelled in the video heading.

7 Laws of Influence are Reciprocity, Commitment, Social Proof, Authority, Liking, Scarcity and Unity. 

The 9 elements of Mindspace are Messenger (authority), Incentives, Norms (social proof), Defaults, Salience, Priming, Affect, Commitments, Ego.