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What The Project Is About

The Reaching People Project was borne out of extensive investigation into why many conversations were becoming strained and more polarized in current times.

Why are some people not listening to logic, reason or evidence and making decisions based on emotions or media gossip.

We analyse all the elements involved in reaching people from cognitive dissonance to story telling. We explore how we absorb information, how our perceptions can be altered (with or without our consent) and how we can best protect ourselves from unwanted outside influences. 

We all need a foundation knowledge on these subjects to protect our identities and communities. 



David is joined by a panel of experts from multiple fields of psychology, human performance, NLP and many others.

David Profile

“We swim in a sea of assumptions we are largely unaware of. Increasing this awareness  leads to growth, collaboration and improved relating to each other”

David Charalambous Founder

Debbie Williams

NLP Trainer and Hypnotherapist.

An avid learner, reader, student and producer of over 35 self help hypnosis and NLP products. Debbie trained with Dr Richard Bandler and assisted from 2006 until the present day along with being Paul McKenna’s PA on his courses.

Debbie also helped on Tony Robbins from 1993 for 10 years on his UK events.

“Debbie Williams is a Skilled & Effective NLP Trainer & Hypnotherapist” Paul McKenna

Mother to author Alex Mole-Williams aged 9 ¾ “The Secret Spell To Spelling” the book is for sale on Amazon but over 150 videos on the youtube channel teaching the NLP based spelling strategy is completely free.


Rebecca Blech

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Matrix Reimprinting practitioner

Rebecca is an EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Matrix Reimprinting practitioner and founder of The Freedom Network Choir.  Prior to that she trained as an NLP Results/Transformational Coach and involved with the messaging analysis / consultancy that the project has been involved in.  

She holds weekly interactive sessions for members of the Reaching People community using EFT to help you manage your emotional and energetic state for constructive conversations.  Most people think they need the best facts and figures but actually people read our state before we even open our mouth! If we’re angry or frustrated, people will respond defensively. If we are speaking from a place of compassion and non-judgement, we can get through to people. So these sessions are a vital part of the Reaching People approach for successful conversations, alongside the strategy that David shares.  They are also a vital part of sustaining us on this marathon roller coaster ride!



Daisy is a lawyer with a history in sales, mother to twins and founder of organic breastfeeding hoodie line Supersprogs.. She founded Unravel in 2020, focusing on behavioural psychology and improving connection / communication with others.