Debating Debating Templates The well-formed statement template is for making a well articulated proposal or claim. The managing objections template is for learning how to categorize objections to enable effective response.  Well-formed Statement Template Download PDF Managing Objections Download PDF

Bridging the Divide HIGH LEVEL MAP Videos – Common Ground- Do’s and Don’ts in moving to common ground. The scene is a vaccine centre. Person 1 is dressed in a suit. Person 2 arrives to confront the activists after one of them told their daughter (who had been vaxxed) that the injections were not safe.  … Read more

What do I say next……………………….. Setting the scene in conversations 4:30pm (4:15 new joiners) 4th Nov 2021 Challenging an established idea or narrative is a challenging task. First impressions are far more important than we realise, even in new conversations with those we know. If we get off on the wrong foot it is likely … Read more