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The videos below in the grey area are part of the course. The are other resources further down the page are supplementary. 

Course – How we are Influenced / Conditioned

The overview video explains the various models that are used to influence us. This is suffice to understand the concept. You are welcome to watch the additionally videos which explains 3 of the models in more depth with examples. The Mindspace video is a summary of the document produced by government for how to influence us through public policy. The 5 rules of Propaganda explains these rules and they are implemented. 6 Laws of Influence (now 7) is a review of key piece of work in marketing which is now used to influence us by institutions and governments. 

Overview of Influence Models
67 mins

Summary of Mindspace
15 mins

5 Rules of Propaganda
14 mins

6 Laws of Influence
15 mins

Additional Presentations – How we are Influenced / Conditioned

These presentations look further in the strategies and techniques to influence our thinking and decisions.  

The Magician’s Tricks
34 mins

Other Resources

Behavioural Insights Team UK
6 mins

History of ‘Nudge’
6 mins

Social Media & Brain
3 mins

Media Manipulation

11 mins

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