Zoom calls and Telegram Groups (bottom of page)

Details of our weekly zoom calls are below. 

To be added to invite list, please register at bottom of page.

Tues 7:30-9pm GMT
EFT with Rebecca Blech

Information and Content discussion
Wed 2pm GMT

Reaching People Successfully
Thur 6:30pm GMT (6:15pm new joiners)
with David Charalambous

Tap into Freedom with Rebecca Blech using EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), Matrix Reimprinting and Collective Consciousness to shift unwanted emotions, release resistance and manifest miracles. We will transform either what is present for you each week or a common theme / issue for the group. . This call helps deal with the anxieties and emotions that come up when we are trying to have conversations with friends, family and strangers.


For those wishing to be active and get involved in the project by sharing and researching of information.


The goal is to produce good quality information that we have verified, for when we have an opening in a conversation.

You need to have attended either the EFT or Reaching People call prior to attending this meeting. 

This is the main zoom call explaining why people are not listening and how we can deliver our message in a way in which people can see, hear and digest.

To attend calls, a current participant can recommend you or you can email me to request being added to the invite list.

First time you attend, please ensure your mic and camera are working so I can meet you prior to the meeting when people join at 4:30pm. This is a friendly hello to check what you would like to get from the meetings and reduce the chances of trolls disrupting the meetings for us.

The three telegram groups listed below. Please email telegram profile if you wish to be added. These groups are private and cannot be found by search function on telegram.

  1. The Great debaters – Discussions on how to have effect conversations
  2.  The Boiler room – general sharing of information and links, along with discussions
  3. The Scriptbook – for gathering of information to use within conversations and verifying

To be added to invite list please fill in form below

Great Debators is for discussions on conversations. The Boiler Room is for sharing news, links and information. The Scriptbook is for those wishing to be active in sharing and researching information.
Please provide telegram profile details as the telegram groups are private. This will not be shared with anyone.